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Passionately Compossed

I am a Hawaiian who knows that we were once some of the most literate, industrial, and environmentally stable people on this earth. Whenever a note-worthy Hawaiian achieved a great feat, he/she was most certainly grounded in a belief, whether it be the Kapu or Christianity. While that may remain to be the case, there is one big difference between the modern aloha ʻāina and the Hawaiians of days past, and that is the degree of tact and composure with which our kūpuna resolved any conflict. From Kamehameha’s triumph at Puʻukohola to Liliʻu’s agreement to relinquish her constitutional authority to America, they never failed to exhibit remarkable discipline while still holding their faith close to their side. What i’d like to see are more Hawaiians showing this type of behavior while going about this Maunakea issue. This is a new day and age for us Hawaiians as we are now equipped with more knowledge than the original activists ever had.

With little more than hearts full of passion and loud, resonating voices, the Protect Kahoʻolawe ʻOhana overcame the huge force that is the U.S military, and set path for us to follow. Nowadays, we have much more than just passion, yet we choose to use the argumentative skills comparable to that of a four year old’s. Like our kūpuna, we should try to stride to be the very best at everything we do. When we make an effort to save something of value to us, let us do it in a way that will let our opposition know that we are capable of thinking to a higher degree rather than yelling at a higher register. Mahalo